Encouraging The Dream

As a Program Director I am responsible for cultivating great talent for my radio station(s). Every Tuesday, I will share tips that can help on-air talent, broadcasters and other Program Directors be the best in their field.

During my tenure at the Carolina School of Broadcasting, I get to see a new group of students come into all wide-eyed and eager to get started on a career in broadcasting. Then reality sets in after a few months, a career in broadcasting isn’t as easy as they thought. They realize that you just don’t sit around playing music and talking. Learning about FCC rules and regulations is enough to get them rethinking their career choice. Not only recent treatment of the press by our new administration is turning students away from a career in broadcasting.

As an industry, we are responsible for teaching the next group of broadcasters to be Fearless, Determined and refuse to be silenced. “Fake news” is very much a reality and broadcasters are being challenged to scrutinize the way they communicate with the public on all platforms.

These are a four tips to being a better broadcaster:

  1. Check, check and check again! Fact-check everything before you air. There are several great sources on the web to verify information. Don’t forget sometimes picking up the phone and asking also works.
  2. Take your time. Don’t be in such a hurry to get something on the air, that you forget to name sources. You want to make sure the source is credible too.
  3. Detailed and consistent. Most companies want social media posts to go along with on-air information. Make sure they match. You can’t say one thing on the air, and post something different on social media.
  4. Relevancy. Make sure what you do talk about is relevant to YOUR audience.

Being in the broadcast game is different than just 10 years ago. On top of learning the basics such as ratings, competition, policy and such, first timers also have to be aware of the ever changing floor of broadcasting. The bottom line, be honest and serve your community. There is still room for excitement, fun and creativity in broadcasting. Take it from me! As a broadcast coach I can show you how to be a great broadcaster!

Are you looking for a broadcast coach or need an air-check critique? I am currently taking on new clients and available for consultations. Feel free to email me at theterriavery@gmail.com for more information or questions.